Dry Vent Cleaning

Cleaning the Dryer Vent for a variety of reasons

A clogged dryer vent might cause a fire
Lint trapped in the vent system is highly flammable and limits airflow. During clothes drying, vents emit hot air and lint, increasing the risk of a fire.
Higher energy costs = clogged dryer
There are varieties of dryer vent cleaning benefits, including safety and energy savings. When a dryer becomes clogged with lint, it begins to perform poorly, resulting in higher operating costs and repair bills.
According to USFA data
The US Fire Administration has received reports of 2,900 clothes dryer fires in residential structures. Each year, fire departments are responsible for 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property damage.

Our Services​

Dryer Vent cleaning is an annual service every homeowner shall proceed with.
Above that, there are other maintenance procedures to be checked:

Installation or Replacement of Dryer Vents
There is a fire threat if the dryer’s ventilation hole is not placed correctly (doesn’t go all the way into the wall), is blocked with lint, or the ventilation blades are damaged or broken.
Installation of a Bird Guard
When a nest forms in the outside vent, the dryer works extremely hard, overheats, and lint builds up in the vent and inside the dryer.
We adore all birds, but they each have their own niche, and we each have our own. We installed the protection – bird guards and caps – so you can forget about unwelcomed residents for the rest of your life, and they lay nests in the tree.
Repair or replacement of the connection hose
The dryer vent hose may get loose or fall out over time. The lint is transported all over the floor when the hose is disconnected, and the clothes become hot.

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