Air Duct Cleaning in LA

We are a team of experts in air duct cleaning in LA and in the surrounding cities. Are you looking for someone to clean your air ducts? We provide the air duct cleaning services you need.

Our Services​

We provide a 100% clean air flow in your home. With innovative air duct cleaning equipment, we assure you a healthy living inside your home.
Chimney cleaning and fireplace helps your home to protect from any fire hazards and protect from any dirty air.
We provide an extensive cleaning in your vent to keep you from paying a large amount of energy bill and protect your home from any fire hazards.

We have an air duct cleaning license – NADA, BPI, and CCP. With one team we make sure that all your needs for your air duct, vent and chimney are all clean in no time for your protection.

Advantages of working with us

6 Month Warranty

For the new clients

Email Report

Detailed report with photos

8 am to 8 pm daily

Support 8 am to 8 pm


We are NADCA, BPI and Chimney Professionals certified


We follow air pollution research updates and study new market solutions


General Liability up to $2M worker’s compensation

EPA Standards

Our equipment and disinfectants are EPA compliant

ERV System

We install complex air purification systems, such as ERV

The manager contacts you and asks the details of the current HVAC / Ducts / Vents condition

Our technician come in time, they clean out the system and explain why the cleaning or replacement of some parts is important

The manager gives a quote and if all agreed schedules the best fitting service time for you

You call us or leave a request for a call

After the service, we send a contract by email with before and after pictures and recommendations.
9 of 10 clients don’t know what the service area looks like, so we provide photos for you to understand better how the system looked before the cleaning what we did to maintain the cleanliness and safety of your place.

Send an email report

We send our report right to your email with an attachment of a photo providing a comparison before and after condition of your event. To acquire our air duct cleaning services just contact our customer service and set an appointment with them. It is our pleasure to serve and help you manage your electric bill.