We Keep Our Clients And Employees Safe

We have a constant monitoring of COVID-19 updates. We follow safety-related procedures based on information and guidelines from the CDC and the LA Department of Health.
Each Staff Monitor Their Temperature
Technicians take temperature readings three times a day, for a total of three service visits every day. In the last two weeks, neither of them has had the flu or any flu-like symptoms. Neither their families nor their acquaintances were ill. We feel accountable for our members and clients as a firm, thus we check the temperature before each appointment.
Personal Protection Equipment Is Used By Us
Technicians change masks and disinfect hands after each service. Each appointment requires new gloves and shoe covers. Our technician will use a face mask for your safety.
We Clean The Equipment And Indoor Surfaces With Disinfectant Wipes
Wiping surfaces allows us to focus on specific regions and eliminate germs more effectively. Fogging aids in the sanitization and disinfection of hard-to-reach places that might otherwise go unnoticed. After each servicing visit, we cleanse the equipment and replace the filters.
Changing The HEPA Cartridge
After each session, we replace the HEPA cartridge filters in the negative air machines. Most bacteria, viruses, and germs are caught and kept by these filters, stopping their spread.
We Accept Payments Via The Internet
To prevent viral transmission, the government advises people to avoid using cash. Viruses can survive on hard surfaces for up to three days.
We Provide A Digital Contract
There will be no hand-to-hand delivery; instead, you will receive a thorough service report by email shortly after the work is completed. Nobody wants an extra stack of papers at home, and your report will always be in your mailbox.